What is Blackbird School?

We are a team of educators and software engineers that have developed a way to make coding education truly accessible to teachers and students.

Our platform exposes coding in a practical, understandable way, and keeps going with engaging curriculum and coding practice. Students come away with the foundation and intermediate skills they need to engage with coding and, ultimately, level the playing field in tech.

Our Show me feature in action

What makes us different

  • We have developed our own friendly version of a programming language (JavaScript) that includes intuitive error messages that help students correct their mistakes and tools to support students and diminish the typical "I want to give up" feeling learning coding has been known to generate in students.

  • Our platform is specifically designed by teachers, for teachers. We will support non-technical teachers every step of the way to add Coding Teacher to their professional teaching repertoire.

  • If you already teach coding, Blackbird School has developed a way to allow you to pick and choose lessons and give students some variety to add to your existing or new curricula.

  • We've integrated a built-in "canvas" for students to run their programs on, but we’re fierce about accessibility and have carefully scaffolded steps and simplified statements for drawing and animating shapes.

  • Students can watch their code run one step at a time with our friendly Step Mode.


As educators, we know how important it is to meet the standards while engaging students to reach beyond the standards.

Our curriculum introduces the foundations of programming through project-oriented learning. Students navigate through 10 stages of lessons, each concluding with a challenge lesson as well as a menu of guided projects to help them apply what they have learned.

Lessons come with a Show Me feature that gives students access to the correct answers if they get stuck. Students can replicate the correct code and then rework the lesson independently. This alleviates the usual frustration with learning to code.

Challenge lessons without the Show Me function can be used to verify that students understand and can apply the material. These lessons link back to earlier lessons to ensure students are able to successfully problem-solve.

Moving students away from structured lessons and into their own original work is our goal at Blackbird School. At the end of each stage of lessons students have a menu of guided projects to work on in the Workshop.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Use our educator dashboard to manage classes

Tools for the classroom

Blackbird School has a robust Educator Dashboard that allows teachers to monitor student progress and create a true learning environment in the application.

Teachers can send messages to their students, leave code reviews on student Workshop projects, organize "warmup" programs for students, and make classwide announcements. Students can see their classmates, share programs and see the progress of their peers.


Cost is based on the number of students in the class and number of sessions and referrals.

We're different from other online code learning platforms because we help you get started with in-class guidance. Our Pilot Program includes sessions with our Education & Outreach staff in the form of class visits, webinar training sessions, phone and email.

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