What is Blackbird School?

Computer programming made accessible. We are a team of educators and software engineers that have developed a platform to make a future in programming truly accessible to everyone.

Blackbird School introduces coding in a practical, understandable way, and keeps you coding with engaging curriculum and practice. You will come away with the foundation and intermediate skills you need to engage with coding and, ultimately, level the playing field in tech.

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Who is Blackbird School for?

Our curriculum is developed to get you creating games and animations quickly so you stay engaged and feel successful. Anyone interested in programming age 11 and up will feel right at home on Blackbird School.

While we think anyone can benefit from our tool, our platform has been developed to introduce brand new coders to the world of text-based programming.

What makes us different

We have developed our own friendly version of a programming language (JavaScript). Our subtle changes to this programming language allow you to quickly create your own engaging programs. Most importantly, Blackbird School has intuitive error messages that help you quickly correct mistakes in your code. These messages help diminish the typical “I want to give up” feeling that can be a part of learning to program.

Our platform also features a powerful debugging tool that allows you to move line by line through your code to dive deeper into how it works.

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In Blackbird School you will learn how to create animated programs and games. Along the way, you will learn the foundations of computer programming: variables, conditional statements, data structures, objects, loops, arrays and more.

Our lessons are developed to keep your learning momentum going! We believe ‘practice makes programmers’ and we have lots of opportunities to apply what you’re learning along the way. You’ll be guided through 10 stages of learning that each conclude with a challenge lesson and a menu of guided projects to help you practice what you’ve learned.

Tools for families

Sign up as a family and learn to program together! Parents have access to tools and resources to monitor progress and support their students along the way. Families can share their original programs with each other and even share images to include in their programs.

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