A new way to learn coding

Innovative text-based coding lessons for everyone.  

What makes Blackbird School different?

We take beginners to the next level - Learn coding with our supportive, self-paced, affordable platform. Block-based coding tools are fun and a great way to get started, but making the leap to text-based coding is a bit tricky. We've figured out how to take you there. 

Built for teachers too - We believe teachers are the ones that will make the difference in bringing coding to all. We've created a tool that you can use even if you aren't trained as a CS teacher. 

The sky is the limit - Learn programming principles step by step and then use our supportive code editor to create any program you can dream of.

What our users say

Student, Arleta K-8

My favorite part was learning that coding is not as hard as it is made out to be.

Teacher, Franklin High

Huge thank you to everyone on your team! I wish you could see today. I gave them free time and 90% of them kept coding in Blackbird School.

Student, Arleta K-8

I like Blackbird School - I'm not going to give up.


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