What is Blackbird School?

For schools

A complete package for teaching coding at your school with the most student-friendly platform ever.

For families

A fun way to learn and teach coding at home for ages 11 and up. No experience necessary!

For learners

A web-based platform where you can learn to code from scratch.

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Our approach

Built by teachers.


Everyone should be able to learn coding. Our platform is built to teach all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background.


We like to say practice makes programmers. Our platform is built to offer nearly infinite opportunities to practice skills at every level.

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​The scaffolded instruction with lots of opportunities for repetition is very helpful for students. The constant feedback that is embedded in the program is imperative for learners.

Teacher, Jefferson High School

He loves it!! It’s one thing I can get him to do without any coaxing. My husband and I are software engineers and were looking for something like this. I’ve integrated it into his daily routine for "school." I've also recommended it to several of my friends!


Huge thank you to everyone on your team! I wish you could see today. I gave them free time and 90% of them kept coding in Blackbird School.

Teacher, Franklin High School

Amazing! I am enjoying coding much more than I thought I would.

Student, Arleta Middle School

I really liked the Step and Show Me functions, they made things very easy to understand if I made mistakes.

Student, Jefferson High School


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Get in touch via email or phone. We love answering questions and helping people with Blackbird School.

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